Getting Connected

If you're interested in getting connected at High Rock Church, here are the main ways to get started.

Attend a Sunday Service Consistently

Sunday service is where we get a chance to gather together for worship and receive Bible teaching. It's  the place where we're reminded of what's true, and where we're spurred on to live out what we believe the other six days of the week. Sunday service is where we can invite new friends to hear the simple truth about who Jesus is and what He's done for them.  If you're interested in being involved at High Rock, this is the most fundamental step.

Get into a Small Group

Hands-down, this is the best way to truly connect in the church. It's where we can build friendships, share our lives, and  follow Jesus together. There are several small groups that meet throughout the week.

Go to the High Rock Series

This series is a perfect introduction to what the church is all about. We offer this four-part series both to help you understand who we are at High Rock Church and to help you mature as a follower of Jesus. Whether you've been a Christian for years or you're just learning about Jesus, you'll find the Series helpful as you learn to commit yourself in Jesus' church. One session is offered each month, and they may be taken in any order. You can sign up on the Welcome Card in your program on Sundays or via email. The sessions include: 

  • Beliefs learning what we believe and how we live it out
  • Freedom: growing in forgiveness and maturity
  • Serving:  discovering your spiritual gifts and how to use them
  • Community: understanding involvement at High Rock Church

Serve Others
We try to follow Jesus' example by being humble servants to those around us. Tim Reeves is our staff pastor who oversees most serving teams and helps connect people in serving areas. He can help get you started serving in a way that fits how God has uniquely made you. E-mail Tim. We have several opportunities for you to serve at church on Sundays and throughout the week:

  • food bags & ministry to the poor
  • cleaning
  • coffee service
  • facility & landscaping
  • High Rock Kids & Youth
  • hospitality
  • office assistance
  • student rides
  • Sunday set-up
  • worship

Attend Team High Rock

This is a monthly gathering for the core of the church--those who serve and call High Rock their home--to connect together and be refocused on our mission. Scott Joseph teaches the Bible on mission-specific issues and gives updates on our progress in accomplishing what Jesus has set before us as a church. Then we worship, share the Lord's Supper, and pray for each other.  This is a chance to be refreshed, equipped, and refocused.


As followers of Jesus, we give our time, energy, and money in our local church home to further God's kingdom. Giving is a major part of worshiping God in the Bible, in which the tithe (or 10%) is the basic amount set aside as God's, and offerings are what is given above and beyond. So as you begin to consider this to be your church, we want to encourage you to give. You can do so during a Sunday service, online via your bank, in the mail, or online here.

Become a Member

Membership is for those who have found High Rock Church to be their church home. The purpose of membership is to help individuals grow spiritually through commitment and accountability. Taking all these steps fulfills the commitments we ask our members to make:

  1. Become a baptized follower of Jesus
  2. Regularly attend Sunday services and a Small Group
  3. Complete our High Rock Series
  4. Serve on a team and attend Team High Rock
  5. Complete the Membership Bible Training
  6. Commit to tithing 10% of your gross income to the local church