Our vision is simply to help people follow Jesus.  We didn't make that up on our own; it's simply what Jesus has called all churches to do!  Jesus instructed his followers to "go therefore and make disciples of all nations."  The essence of being a disciple is following Jesus so we want to learn to follow him and help others do so as well.  

We believe Jesus has asked our church to be a part of this mission in Bloomington as he makes disciples at IU, in the community, and in the surrounding area. It's pretty simple, but that's what we're all about.

Values: How we do church


Worshiping the living God is what we have been created and formed for, and in His presence is where we're most able to express our hearts to Him, both with our voices and body posture. We value worship music that is theologically sound, current in style, and is done in a way that puts our attention on God.

Small Groups

We desire to be real and transparent in our relationships, speaking the truth in love and learning to apply the truths of the Bible. We recognize that much of the growth of a follower of Jesus happens in the context of a genuine community, so for us, Small Groups are the life of the church.

Hands-On Prayer

We believe God hears us and wants to move and speak through us to heal, equip, empower, and make His presence known as we pray for each other. Hebrews 6 refers to the "laying on of hands" as "elementary doctrine," and we believe this is the biblical model Jesus has given us as we depend on the Holy Spirit.


We are not just to be weekend church attenders. God has given gifts to everyone that are to be used to glorify Him in the local church. Things like feeding the poor, serving our kids, and telling others about Jesus are not reserved for pastors. In Jesus' church, everyone has a role to play.

Church Planting

We believe that church-planting is the most effective way to fulfill the Great Commission, and God has asked us to plant healthy churches in university cities. It's a Kingdom principle that the generous are blessed, so we will send out our best leaders and close friends to "go and make disciples."

Reaching The Unchurched

We want to be a place where people with no church experience can come and hear the simple truth about Jesus. Because of this, we try to do church in a way that is easy to understand so that people can 'come as they are,' regardless of what they know or are currently struggling with.

Culturally Diverse

We believe the Church is supposed to be the leader in demonstrating the truth that Jesus is calling all people to himself. The picture painted in Revelation 7 is that Heaven will have worshipers "from every nation, tribe, people and language," so we want to be a church that reflects this in our city.

College Students

We don't have a college student ministry; instead, we are a "student church" with almost half of our total attendance comprised of college students. God has placed us in a city where there are over 30,000 students without a church home, and we believe Jesus wants to reach them.

Theologically Conservative

Even though our church style may not be traditional, we uphold scripture as the ultimate authority in our lives. Culture changes, but God's word remains the same, so if it says it, we believe it. Read more about our beliefs here.

Culturally Current

While our understanding of the Bible does not change as culture shifts, the style in which we do church does change to help us effectively reach the current culture. Therefore, we want our music, atmosphere, language, and teaching style to be current and understandable to those around us.